Listen to House of Shadows for Free

If you want to hear House of Shadows for free (or you just want to know what the Hell Sam is saying) visit the media section of our brand new website and if you like what you hear go visit iTunes, Amazon or CDBaby to buy the album and support a local band. 🙂



CD Release and KRZQ

Hello everyone!

Three days ago we finally had our CD release show. It has taken three years of hard work, but here we are.

You can now find House of Shadows on iTunes, Amazon and CDbaby. Soon you will be able to order it through our brand new website Lyrics and credits will be added soon. Thank you to Ali Alden once again for setting this up for us and making the band look good.

The CD release which was the same night as the Pirate Pub Crawl here in Reno went amazing. When Echoes Fail and Seas and Centuries did a great job pumping up the crowd and making themselves some new fans.

Videos and such of the concert will be up as soon as I get them. For the time being, here are some pictures.

Courtney and Ali behind the merch booth. (Courtney was holding those for two fans who were out smoking)

Emily and Sam

Courtney and her sister Ashley behind the merch booth

New fan, Sarah, sporting the new Authmentis bandanna

Our good friend Chad sporting his new Authmentis shirt and Bandanna

Here is a video from Sam at 2 the morning of the CD release thanking everyone who helped

If you were at the show you saw the intro video. Here is the extended version of that video plus, for those who weren’t there, this is the intro track to the album


Thanking MRC again from the Stage Rehearsal the week before the show

While you are here, if you have a Facebook would you please go like the page “Bring back KRZQ”!/pages/Bring-back-KRZQ/278977202113654

It was the only station in Reno that played Alternative and Rock and it has recently been sold and now plays only pop. The good DJ’s at KRZQ were massively supportive of the local rock scene aWd getting local bands out to the public and now that is gone. Your “like” may not have an effect or it may tell them there are still people out there who listen to something other than Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.

More videos and pictures from the CD release will be up soon. If you have anything from that show, send them to with your name or username so we can put them up on the blogs and the Facebook.

If you are free Friday the 23rd, Authmentis will be playing the Miss Reno Ink show at the Cal Neva. Contact the band on Facebook for more info.

Thanks as always




Good afternoon, friends.

It is the middle of the annual Rib Cook Off here in Reno, but none of us have had a chance to go. We have been so busy putting together the show for next week that we have only left the house or practice space to go somewhere to promote the show.

Let me catch you up-

Merch is in! HUGE thank you to Ali Alden for all of her hard work getting us sponsors for the show. Alamo, NorNev, Black Hole Body Piercings, Buckbean, Reno eNVy, OGCG, MRC, Ken Umphrey Creative and various other sponsers that helped us out by sponsoring our show and giving us things to raffle-more on that later!

For merch we will have two different posters-one as a memento of the show, and one which is a fantastic photo of the band by the wonderful Courtney Spangler. We will have two different amazing shirt designs in mens and womens and we will have bandannas with our logo on it. There will also be twenty “I Was There Shirts” that the band will be giving away(and their method of giving it away is awesome…like…yeah) As for music we will have the physical album and digital download cards for you to get the album from your favorite internet music provider (i.e iTunes and Amazon)

The band will be there all night signing autographs as well so be sure to pick up something for them to sign so you can always remember that night.

So that’s the merch aspect of it.

For the performance, the stage set will be amazing. I will let the band tell you about that with photos after the show. Thanks again to Ali Alden for all the ridiculous hard work she put in to make the band look good. Without her, they would probably just look like a garage band. (just kidding guys)

Other then practicing a lot, yesterday the owner of MRC(where we practice) donated his money and time for us to come in and do a live stage rehearsal of the set with a professional sound and lighting guy.

After that, the band all headed to Buckbean Brewery here in town for a pre-release listening party. Casey and Sam played a five song acoustic set(including a song made up on the spot about raffle prizes) and prizes were given away throughout the night while House of Shadows played over the PA. It was a really great night with friends and families and fans alike, drinking and laughing and being silly and just celebrating how far Authmentis has come. House of Shadows represents three years of blood, sweat and tears from the band. They have lost a couple of drummers and come a long way in their writing and it is finally here and the band is stronger then they have ever been.

It was a great night. If you were there, thank you so much for reminding us why we do what we do. If you weren’t, be sure to be there next time. Everyone had a good time. It was a night well spent.


As always, thanks for listening

-Webmaster and Authmentis-

Pre-Orders and Preview the Album Art

Good morning(on this side of the world) everybody!

We had a fantastic show on Saturday with When Echoes Fail and Red Mercury. We look forward to doing more shows with these guys in the future.

We are still taking pre orders for the House of Shadows album that will be officially released  9/10/11. Almost 30 albums have gone in the last week so get yours quick. 🙂

Above is the album preview; the cover, the inside and the actual disc. Pretty sweet, and the computer doesn’t even do it justice.

We are doing preparations for the CD release show.The guys have been working for weeks to make this an amazing show. Having seen a preview of it on Saturday I’m going to tell you that you won’t be disappointed.



Lots of Exciting Updates!

Hey everyone! How are you?

We have been awesome! Lots of prep work getting ready for some huge announcements.

First things first:

Tickets are almost sold out for the Indie Rebel Tour we will be playing on this Saturday at the Underground. If you want some, contact us on FB or Reverbnation. Search using /authmentis 🙂 The tickets are eight dollars from us or twelve at the door.

Okay…now the really big announcement!

That’s right! After three longs years of blood, sweat, tears and a great deal of hard work we are releasing our new studio album: House of Shadows. Album art will be released soon.

Now here is the really great part. Are you ready? Are you sure? It’s pretty awesome. I don’t know…I don’t know if you can handle it…

Okay…you win.

You can pre-order the album before the CD release show so that all you have to do is go up to a booth, give them your name and phone number and get the album. No long lines or waiting for change.

You can pre-order the album when you contact us for tickets. $10 for the physical disc or $5 for a digital download card which will get you the album from amazon, itunes or various other websites to be announced.

If you didn’t see the video(which you should, Sam did a fantastic job putting it together) our CD release show is Sept 10, 2011. One month away! And tickets are free if you don’t want to pre-order!

Authmentis will be playing with When Echoes Fail and Seas and Centuries.

It is going to be an amazing night chalk full of great music and good times. You don’t want to miss it and regret it for the rest of your life.

More posters, photos, and announcements will be coming up in the next week or so so stay tuned and keep listening!

-Webmaster and AUTHMENTIS-

Hey All

Sorry it has been a while since the last post. Lots of preparation for the show and then we all left town for a bit.

The concert on Wednesday went well. Thanks to Broken Roots and Secerned for playing with us. We had a great time.

Thank you to everyone who came out, especially those from the other local bands Merkin, Dimension 13, The Reagan Years, Sil Shoda, Dominion, Deplete, and Ethereal Reaping’s Chad Case who came out to support us. Also a huge thanks to our street team member Ed Smith who helped us load in and out. You did a great a job.

Matt had a good show, but he was tired by the end. He played a double show. Broken Roots and then Authmentis one right after the other but he didn’t fail to deliver. If you are on our FB, Reverbnation or Twitter go give him a pat on the back.

If you missed our show you can watch it all here

Our next show will also be at the Underground. Tickets are eight dollars if you get them from one of the band members or twelve at the door.

Thanks guys. You make us who we are.


New Shows Announced!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week and had a fantastic weekend. Sam and Matt got back from some much needed time off in Arizona for a couple of days with their family. Sam even came up with new lyrics that you may be hearing soon.

There are two shows announced at Club Underground. One is July 27th and the other(which I haven’t gotten confirmation on yet, but it is listed on the Reverbnation so I will mention it to you) is on August 13th.

The show on the 27th starts at 8. It is free if you get tickets from any of the bands, but quantity is limited so get your tickets soon. E-mail me or contact any of the guys on Facebook/Reverbnation for tickets.

There will be happy hour and two for one drinks from eight to nine so come out and have a beer or so, meet the bands and hear some awesome music.

The lineup is Authmentis followed by Broken Roots and ending with Secerned.

Hope to see everyone there!



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